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Environmental X-Ray Recycling Services

We now operate a confidential recycling service for the collection and destruction of old medical x-rays and MRI film. X-ray and MRI film contains a number of materials including plastic and silver, which can be reclaimed through a series of processes.

As silver is a precious metal your old film can be worth money. Depending on the age of the film and the amount of silver content retrieved, depends on how much you receive back. We pay by the kilo for the material you have available, which fluctuates according to worldwide markets. This price also includes collection, shredding of material and certificate of destruction according to Environment Agency regulations.

The silver content in used X-ray film varies. The darker the film or more black in the film would suggest a higher silver content. The lighter the film or more white would suggest a lesser silver content.

If you have x-ray or MRI film to be destroyed please contact our disposal services department and a collection using one of our tracked vehicles will be arranged. Once your film arrives at our facility it will be shredded to destroy any confidential information. The material is then sent off for extraction. Once we know the amount of silver reclaimed from the used material, we send you an official purchase order so you can raise an invoice.

A certificate of waste transfer/destruction will also be raised as your record that your material has been handled in a correct and legal manner.

For further information or to book a collection please call 0117 941 5030 or email disposal@tapesuk.co.uk.
Environmental X-Ray Recycling Services

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