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Tape Evaluation

Evaluated tape is widely used within the media industry throughout the world. Since at least the 70's many companies whether a major broadcasting association an independent production company or cameraman have profited from the savings made on either buying A-GRADE RECYCLED tape or by having their own tapes recycled for re-use.

If you have tape stock you would like recycled for re-use then we clean, erase and evaluated your tapes then re-package them complete with plain white labels and deliver them back to you for a fraction of the cost of new tape. We can evaluate most modern brands from Betacam SP, digital Betacam to the latest DV formats. We price our recycling service on running time and not by tape format.

What does it cost?

We price our recycling service on running time and not by tape format. The price breaks listed below are for total quantities of mixed running times and are not based on quantities of single running time. i.e. if you send us 260 tapes of mixed running times, you will be charged the 250+ price. Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Running time 10+ 250+ 500+ 1000+ 2000+
05 or 06 minutes
10 or 12 minutes
20 or 22 or 24 minutes
30 or 32 or 34 minutes
40 minutes
60 or 62 or 64 minutes
90 or 94 minutes
124 or 126 minutes
184 minutes

The pass rate of your tape will depend on the quality and how your tape has been stored. If you have 100 tapes processed you should get on average 80 back, which are in "as new" condition ready for re-use. Any failed tapes are destroyed free of charge.

If you would like a quotation based on an ongoing recycling contract with Tapes UK and prefer your own personal prices, please contact sales. Evaluation contracts cover a period of 12 months. Once the contract has expired a new contract will have to be applied for. Contracts are based on tapes recycled on an annual basis but will be invoiced on a monthly basis. Minimum quantities are 3000 tapes per year to qualify for a contract.

The Evaluation Process

Firstly we clean off all the old labels using special non-toxic fluids that doesn't harm the tape enclosed within the cassette while checking the cassette for any cosmetic defects. Once the tape has passed this process it is sent to our tape evaluation room. There we have a number of RTI evaluation machines that are able to process a wide variety of formats including Betacam SP and digital Betacam.

There the tape in inserted into their respective machine where it is run at high speed over two sapphire burnishing blades to gently break loose any unwanted oxide or dust particles. This helps prevent VCR head damage, the slightest particle, even as small as 0.04mm left on the tape surface could result in loss of signal from the recording head. In this respect evaluated tape is safer to use as it has been cleaned whereas new tape has not been put through this process. Then the tape is run over three sets of cleaning tissues where vacuum pumps suck any unwanted loose particles off while also running it over a couple of erase heads to erase any information left on the tape. Then it passes over the laser which detects any damage on the tape surface.

Even though the RTI 4100 machine has erased the information on the tape we run it through an independent eraser to guarantee there is no recorded material left as a final check.

A print out of the condition of the tape is then inserted into its original case with new plain white labels.
The Evaluation Process

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