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Environmental Media Disposal Service

The television production and broadcast industry is rapidly changing into a tapeless society and recordable media such as video and audio tape will completely disappear in the UK over the next few years, leaving the industry with thousands of tons of scrap plastic and metal material.

Tapes UK offer a professional environmental solution for the disposal of used video, audio and film material. Our facility in Bristol is able to handle all formats of recordable media in video, audio, film and x-ray. Some modern formats such as digital Betacam, DVCam and HDCam are reconditioned for re-use back into the production and broadcast industry, either in the UK or overseas. All other formats are granulated and separated into their different materials and recycled back into the manufacturing industry. We try and limit the amount sent to landfill and use a selection of recycling partners to ensure as high percentage as possible is recycled through the waste stream.

We price our disposal service on a per kilo rate and not for each item. As we handle all formats of recordable material all at the same rate, there is no confusion on price. On arrival at our warehouse your material will be weighed and logged before being separated. Any formats we are currently paying for such as HDCam, SR or long duration DVCam are also separated and logged so a credit against your disposal charge can be raised.

FACTTapes UK are FACT (Federation against Copyright Theft) accredited to ensure safe handling and disposal of sensitive and copyright material. Please find a PDF copy of our FACT certificate here.



EA logo We are also licensed through the Environment Agency as a carrier and broker of waste, a legal requirement for anyone collecting waste. All collections are supported with the correct waste transfer documentation as your proof that your material has been correctly and legally handled. Please find a PDF copy of our registration certificate here.

No matter what the quantity you have for disposal, either a few items or tens of thousands, our facility in Bristol can handle your requirements. We can also supply you with flat packed card recycling bins so you can pack your waste ready for collection.

For a competitive quote please contact disposal@tapesuk.co.uk or call 0117 9415030 and speak with one of our operatives.

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